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Budget and Beauty…Mortal Enemies?

The word “cheap” often carries with it the connotation of “inferior” or “shoddy.” While this can be the case, “cheap” doesn’t always mean sub-standard. In fact, cheap is smart when you find a high-quality item at a low-quality price–whether it’s an item you find at an incredible bargain, or a generic product that performs as well as its higher-cost name brand item, cheap beauty makes sense for the frugal shopper.

But it’s not always easy to make the frugal choice when faced with a slew of cosmetics and skin care products put out by top companies. In the past I’ve often found myself spending far more than intended (or budgeted!) on products promising to erase my every blemish or fix my every beauty woe. I’ve been learning how to avoid these types of spontaneous purchases and how to get the most bang for my beauty buck.

Within this blog, you will find my own musings on what it means to be both beautiful and frugal. I plan to post about specific products that I love, deals that I find, how make-your-own beauty items, product reviews, beauty tools that save money, and more. My goal is to show that cheap charm is more than desirable…it’s possible!