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Three Quick and Easy DIY Holiday Gift Ideas for Anyone

I’m a huge fan of DIY holiday gifts since they’re both budget-friendly and add a nice personal touch.  The following gifts are a cheap and easy way to make the loved ones in your life feel … well, loved!

1) Vanilla Extract


Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe from norecipes.com

Cheat: Instead of waiting the requisite time for the vanilla and alcohol to meld, add half a bottle of authentic (i.e. not the artificial crap that’s passed off as vanilla extract) store-bought vanilla to your container, a few vanilla sticks, and top off with vodka or bourbon.  The gift will have plenty of homey appeal but is much faster to create!

2) Hot Chocolate in a Jar


With this gift, you can go all out and use high-end ingredients, or dump store-bought powdered hot chocolate and toss a few marshmallows on top.  If you really want to play for keeps, consider tying a mini bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream or another complementary liquor to your jar for Adult Hot Chocolate. 🙂

Check this recipe out for a nice twist on an old classic.

3. Gourmet Cookies (or other Yummies)

Okay, so baking cookies for someone isn’t exactly original.  But, if you decide to make high-end, to-die-for, delicious goodies, that’s a whole ‘nother story!  Like this.



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Three (Nearly) Free Holiday Gifts

Stretched a bit thin this holiday season?  Try spreading some cheer by making gifts for your loved ones.

1) Sugar Scrub

Use whatever oil you have on hand (olive, coconut, etc) to make a deliciously exfoliating scrub.  Make a large batch and divide into mason jars for a nice finishing touch.

Recipe Link

2) Lipstick

Use an empty mini altoid tin or a sanitized lip balm tube to house a wonderful lipstick made from crayons(!) and coconut (or other) oil.  Perfect for those on your list with aversions to chemicals and other irritants.

Recipe Link

3. Fancy Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, etc

Buy a large bottle of your favorite generic, unscented beauty product, add essential oils and/or other ingredients to spice it up (like moisturizing oils, fragrances, etc) and pour into a cute container (like a mason jar or a dollar store tin) and voila! A perfect, customized gift without all the mixing and matching hassle.